The Manyatta Youth Resource Center (MYRC) was founded in 2008 by Anthony Oballah and Keevan Labowitz.

Kevaan, a student from the Oregon University, arrived in Kisumu after 2007 due to his studies in Conflict Resolution to analyze the Kenyan situation after high tensioned General Elections.

During that time in Kisumu, Keevan met Anthony with whom he shared their aim to transmit the values of coexistence, friendship, brotherhood, leadership, governance, and peace building through sport.

This attitude was shaped in the first under 16 football team. Once there, his intention was to enlarge their capacity to include the youngest.

The community acceptance on their activities and their common efforts to continue with their dreams made possible to launch, in 2011, two boys’ teams and the first girls team.

Once their project was known in the Manyatta slum, the MYRC started to extend their activities into other fields. In this sense, thanks to Lily Laloutre, in 2010 they inaugurated a recording studio where the young ones had the space and the possibility to express themselves through the music.

Encouraged by the high participation of the young people of the slum, the MYRC aim’s is to develop a broad range of projects of art, drama or empowering the people through knowledge, peace building programs and environmental awareness.